Laboratory of Parallel Architectures for Signal Processing

Affiliated to the Digital Metropolis Institute of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grende do Norte .

We are devoted to contribute to the state of the art in computing and communications by improving the performance and the energy efficieny of hardware and software employed to the processing of signals. We develop both basic and applied research, mostly in collaboration with academic and industrial partners worldwide.

On basic research, the lab covers the areas of high performance computing, numerical algorithms, information theory, data analytics, and machine learning.

On applied research, the lab contributes to the general society by advancing the areas of high performance geophysics; fault-tolerant computing for aerospace; parallel GNSS receivers; energy-efficient parallel software; energy-efficient communications; parallel scalability profiling tools; computational load balancing; block recursive matrix inversion; software-performance and software-energy models; correntropy; and channel and cource encondings.